Being vegan is as easy as sleeping on Kerbie’s head!

I started my vegan adventure on November 8, 2006, when I was about to turn 18 and my mother couldn’t force me to eat injustice any longer. That night was one of the most memorable of my life… since there was almost nothing to eat in my fridge! Since then, I have vowed not to go hungry and stock my fridge with plenty of veg-friendly options. Mom helps out now too!

Join me on my veggie adventures in NYC and beyond… you won’t regret it, unless of course you don’t go out and explore yourself! I try my best to document the latest and greatest restaurants and vegan happenings, so check back often and bon végatit!

*Note about currencies: all prices will be presented in the local currency of the country to which the post pertains. Ex: a post made about a restaurant in Spain will have prices pertaining to the euro.

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