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  1. I did it. I read your blog! Such charming, refreshing, stories and information suffused with your sunny, good natured wit! Thank you Terry ❗️

  2. Hey, thanks for your website! Just wanted to mention that several of the items in your sunscreen section are not vegan. It is very hard to find, for example, vegan lip balm with SPF and was excited to see your list, but the ones you list all have Beeswax thus unfortunately not vegan, for example: Yes to Carrots Sweet Fig Lip Butter with SPF 15

    If you know of any vegan ones, we would love to know,

    1. Hi Sofia! Sorry about the late reply~

      You are absolutely right about finding a vegan lip balm with SPF. Actually, it’s hard finding a vegan lip balm with SPF, period that doesn’t have chemical sunscreen!

      So far, the only ones I’ve found are ones that have beeswax in them, especially with mineral sunscreen. There are plenty without beeswax but they use chemical sunscreen, which we don’t want, either.

      I’ll be on the lookout for one that meets all our stringent criteria. As a vegan that does use bee products though (I would like to phase it out but it’s really quite hard, and I use agave when I can instead), I have to say it’s going to be more about finding a balm that’s great for my readers, because for me, it simply doesn’t exist yet.

      The search continues!


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