Newtons Fruit Thins: Crunchy, Sweet and Filling

There’s really nothing that can compare to a fresh, piping hot cup of tea and the right tea biscuits. Being vegan, I’ve found it especially difficult to find the right, milk-free tea biscuits… a lot of my past favorites like the ones from the Chinese grocers: the coconut cream ones with frosted sugar, the buttery thin cracker crisps, and, of course, egg rolls, all have either whey or eggs.

Can it be? A tea biscuit I can actually eat?

That’s why I was excited to try out a new product from Nabisco I espied upon the shelf at Target, of all places: Newtons Fruit Thins, in the Blueberry Brown Sugar flavor. Even better, they were on sale for $3.31 (reg. 3.99). I also did my routine ingredient check and was pleasantly surprised by how many high-quality ingredients were used:

Surprisingly, this yummy snack from a large corporation had some stellar 'gredients.

This is super-rare from a company like Nabisco, who churns out Oreos, Easy Cheese, and Chips Ahoy (though Oreos and Nutter Butter are vegan!), but readily welcomed into my cookie/cracker-loving regimen. Despite its being advertised as a “Fruit Thin,” they are quite substantial and filling, thanks to the addition of rolled oats, whole grains and REAL pieces of dried fruit. Yeah, I said it… REAL FRUIT, not real-ish fruit, not kinda-fruit, or fruit flavored. REAL. FRUIT.

Oh, and flax seeds, gotta love that.

The cracker-cookie hybrid is very crunchy, not overly sweet and perfect for dipping into soy as well– they hold up really well after being dipped, actually, which makes me love them more!

Another thing I really enjoyed was the chewy, dried bits of fruit embedded inside the cracker. I have only tried this blueberry one, but I’m sure the other flavors (Cranberry Citrus Oat, Chocolate Raspberry, Fig and Honey) all have this tasty characteristic.

Dip-pability factor:  (awesome!)

Three little cookies, ready for dippin'!

They’re great for a in-between meal pick-me up, as well as for a bit of a sweet after a meal… plus, there’s actually a bit of fiber in there!

Finally, I really liked that the packaging wasn’t plastic (which can leach chemicals into your food, yuck!) but embossed paper/foil with wire seal tabs on each side of the openings. It was a great detail that I appreciated, since it can be annoying to have to find the odd rubber band or scotch tape to keep your chips/cookies from going stale.

Like all things, moderation is key with cookies and crackers… but I think with Newton’s Fruit Thins, you could stand to eat an extra one. Or two. Or three…


Price/Value:  ($3.99/box)