Radion (Amsterdam)

A former dental office, Radion is a multi-purpose space where I discovered some stellar vegan bites.

From their website:

“RADION is located in the former dental centre ACTA, better known as Broedplaats ACTA. In the night, RADION is a club with a 24h license and by day, a Vegan Cafe. We regularly host cultural events in our Expo space and Cafe and are a home base to festivals such as Fringe Festival, Front Row and Brainwash Night.”

I really enjoyed the vibe and the carefully curated menu (overly extensive menus scare me).

The bar area
Classic Burger: 12.50

Their Classic Burger is basically a dressed-up Beyond Burger and it really hit the spot after our long flight. I loved the steak frites, which were perfectly crispy.

Ravioli: 14.50 // fritz-apple: 4.80

I’m a huge lover of Ravioli and this pesto-covered concoction hit the spot. The baby tomatoes were roasted on the vine, giving it a needed sweetness to complement the earthy taste of the pesto. Just wish it was bigger!

CORI Vegan – A Hideaway in Tokyo

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Marty’s V Burger: Fast Food for the Fickle

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