Pure Genius Contest!

A bunch of these delectable treats can be yours soon!
A bunch of these delectable treats can be yours soon!

There is little else I enjoy more than sharing a delicious treat with my readers — and the amazing Pure Genius team has made that possible by letting me host a contest! All this after me and Juan ate every single sample of theirs at the 2016 Veggie Food Festa. This must be my karmic reparation :D

One lucky reader will be able to score coupons for a FREE Pure Genius brownie and blondie bar, simply by entering in our Pure Genius contest!

What’s more, every one wins, because ALL my readers can use coupon code VEGANCHAO to get 20% off their entire order.

Combine that with FREE SHIPPING on every order and that makes this a no-brainer. Whatchu waiting for?

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VIDEO : Banana Bread Recipe + Contest

vegan chao banana bread recipe

Eons ago, back in 2012, when I was a baby vegan of two years old, I decided to do a banana bread recipe walkthrough. Now, 4 years later, I’ve created something that makes it even easier to make ‘nana bread: a YouTube video walkthrough with the greatest filmmaker of all time, my partner in crime: Juan […]