Five Easy Last Minute Gift Ideas for Mom

Yup, it’s that time of the year again: the time people honor moms around the world by buying overpriced flowers, generic Hallmark cards and the fail-safe choice for lazy gifters everywhere: Edible Arrangements.

edible arrangements mother's day
Honestly, you can’t do better than this?

Why not make your mom feel more special by, oh, I don’t know: making your own gift? These quick, thoughtful and above all, HEALTHY gifts will make your mom feel more loved than any $35 boquet… plus, they last much longer.

1) Make her favorite cookies

A classic, any day of the month!

Cookies are a surefire way to put a smile on any mom’s face, and they don’t take long. My mom loves my homemade Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, but CCCs, 2x chocolate and peanut butter snickerdoodles are also popular picks. Plus, you can crank ’em out in less than an hour. Then, scrounge up a box, smack some cute magazine cutouts on them and add some colorful paper and BAM! You’ve got your mother’s day present. Don’t forget to steal a cookie or two so she doesn’t feel like a fatty eating ’em by herself!

2) Take a walk… or a bike in the park

Thanks mom, for dealing with us sweaty, whiny city kids for all these years!

There’s nothing like spending quality time with mum amidst the great outdoors… even if it’s just a local walk to the park. Sure, hiking or strolling in the Botanical Gardens is probably better, but the key here is to spend time with her. You’ll also enjoy some fresh air, and who doesn’t love that?

3) Pick up some natural makeup goodies

Moms need to look pretty too!
Moms need to look pretty too!


Face it: every mom loves to look glam, not like she’s been spending half her life taking care of kids! Make her feel extra special by grabbing some cute beauty products. My pick: Bite Deconstructed Rose Lip Gloss Library set, which features 12 shades she can mix and match for any occasion. Don’t forget her nails too… the Priti NYC French Manicure set makes her look ladylike and won’t give off that irritating nail polish-smell. Kudos if you do her nails for her too!

4) Make a meal out of it

mommy's cooking
Just a few of the millions of things my mom has made over the years… mouthwatering soup noodles, wife cakes, a 4 course meal and cinnaraisin bread. BEST MUM EVAR

The classic bed – and – breakfast is loved by pretty much every human being, but what about lunch and dinner? Give mom a whole-day’s break by whipping up some delicious meals for the whole damn day. Not a cook? Even you can make a burrito with the right ingredients, or a hearty vegetable curry. Don’t be lazy– mom’s been doing it all these years, you can manage it for one day. 

5) Just relax!

Who wouldn’t love this?

A day at the spa? Or maybe a massage at home? Whatever your style, it’s easy unwind in your own way with the right tools– try a natural massage oil, paired with some relaxing teas, candles, or one of those heatable gel mask thingies. Yeah, they look weird, but damn, do they feel goooood.

Above all, it’s not about you today, so make her feel like it really is a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

mother's day
Blast from the past— damn we look young!