VIDEO : Banana Bread Recipe + Contest

vegan chao banana bread recipe

Eons ago, back in 2012, when I was a baby vegan of two years old, I decided to do a banana bread recipe walkthrough.

Now, 4 years later, I’ve created something that makes it even easier to make ‘nana bread: a YouTube video walkthrough with the greatest filmmaker of all time, my partner in crime: Juan Del Río.

Enjoy the fruits of my labor (pun totally intended) and follow along!

Plus, one lucky winner will be entered to win a Lavanila gift set (one of my fave perfume brands!) with three simple steps:

  1. Insta-follow me on @veganchao and tag a friend in my banana bread post
  2. Subscribe to my YouTube channel
  3. Like Vegan Chao on Facebook.

Good luck y’all!

*Not exact product, but same rollerballs!

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