Juice Generation Açai Bowl – A Refreshing Treat

Juice Generation Aloha Açai Bowl

My latest discovery of yore has been açai bowls — nothing new to those in the cutting-edge state of Hawaii, but totally new to this NYer.

Açai bowls are kind of like a fruity, vegan version of froyo, something that is pretty much necessary  in this cosmopolitan life of mine. Except, it tastes 109% better and is probably better for you.

Juice Generation Aloha Açai Bowl
A delicious treat for any time of the day!

So far, I’ve only tried the Aloha Açai bowl at Juice Generation, and I’ve been a devotee ever since last winter. Topped with fresh fruit, bee pollen (some vegans might want to eschew this particular topping), pineapple, hemp granola and almond milk, this quick treat makes a great pick-me up after a workout or a long day.

The base of JG’s açai bowl is made from Sambazon’s own açai juice, which is a particular favorite of mine. It kind of tastes like natural gummy bears in fruit form, if that makes any sense at all. Juicy, sweet and palate-cleansing, it’s something I could probably eat 10 gallons of if they let me, haha.

There are five choices of açai bowls at JG in all: Aloha Açai, Coco Açai, Amazing Green, PB Açai, and Almond Butter Bliss. I plan to try them all!

In the meantime, seek out a JG açai bowl of your own, what are you waiting for??

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