Popbar Pops a Hole in my Wallet

Popbar NYC Popsicles Vegan

Summertime is synonymous with an icy treat on a wooden stick — also known as a popsicle. And for a streamlined popsicle experience, I figured I would try the seemingly uber-trendy Popbar I would always pass on the way to work.

This was my first Popbar visit, and it probably will be my last, because it is just too damn expensive for the small portion size and the lackluster quality of the pops.

Lookwise, Popbar is a treat for the eyes, at least. Like a candy store, Popbar’s merch is neatly and appetizingly laid out in colorful rows, not unlike an edible rainbow. It makes you want to try all of them (though that was probably their original intention!).

Set in a clean, small and modern space, Popbar is very much a grab-n-go desitnation for those craving a respite from the heat. Pops can be packed in a tray of 6 for group purchases, or simply slipped inside a plastic sleeve for easy temporary storage.

Popbar NYC Popsicles Vegan
Pretty pops, poopy price.

Your pop can also be “customized” with “poppings (personally, I think that branded term is lame),” which I elected to eschew this time around.

Mango popSorbetto – 

Popbar NYC Popsicles Vegan
Have them package your pop in the plastic “sleeve,” then flip them around inside the sleeve to keep your pop from crumbling as you eat.

Fair, but really, can't you do better?

This pop was sweet with a bit of tartness, which I enjoyed. The pop was a bit too watery for my taste, though, and it crumbled and melted quite quickly in the summer heat. Honestly, I expected a thicker, denser/juicier texture considering I paid $4.50 per pop.

Although the pop is long, it is fairly skinny on the edge, so you shouldn’t expect a long-lasting experience by any stretch of the imagination.

Popbar NYC Popsicles Vegan
The pops barely lasted long enough to make my tongue cold!

Lemon popSorbetto – Almost Acceptable

If you’re a fan of things that just taste like frozen juice, you’ll probably like this pop. I didn’t. It was too watery for me and it tasted cheap, plus kind of bitter-lemon-ish in an unpleasant way.

Honestly, it wasn’t any better than a pop I could make at home — and my homemade pop would’ve been 100x yummier, cheaper and more satisfying than theirs.

Overall, I would say this shop lives mostly on the hype and the novelty, not on the actual quality of their pops. They look better than they actually taste.