Te amo, Vegamo

Yes, Mexico City has quite a few vegan options, but we found that it was more convenient and time-saving to go to the same restaurant that we enjoyed before. Thus, we ended up going to Vegamo – Centro many, many times during our weeklong stay.

*all prices shown are Mexican dollars.

Chewbacca waffle sandwich – $110

Who says you can’t have waffles for dinner? This nice departure from a normal burger was chock-full of cheesy mushroom goodness. The cheese was melty and the touch of pesto and homemade mayo was the perfect finish. I would say it was a really fancy waffle BLT.

Chickpea flour omelette

This “omelette” has an interesting texture and taste, kinda like a salty, savory pancake. It wasn’t my favorite, but it was still tasty. I more enjoyed that it was filled with ham, mushrooms and melted veg mozz. The salad it was paired with had blueberries and parsnips, making it a little different than a typical house salad.

Ham + cheese croissant sandwich

Not really the most flaky croissant I’ve had in my life, but still tasty. I would compare the consistency to slightly flakier ciabatta bread. The ham and cheese filling was tasty and I loved the sundried tomatoes added to the salad.

Merry Berry smoothie + iced coffee

The drinks menu at Vegamo is crazy extensive… honestly, it’s quite hard to choose! I was recommended the Merry Berry smoothie by the waitress and was not disappointed. Their coffee is also solid and comes in so many different iterations, there’s something for everyone!

Tres leches (seasonal offering) berry cake

I really enjoyed the creamy, airy whipped consistency of this cake, but the cake portion itself was a bit dry, surprisingly. Luckily, the whip balanced it out a bit and I overall liked this cake. I would just recommend asking when the cake was made prior to ordering it. It also came topped with a variety of berries and a bit of chocolate sauce.

Breakfast platter

There’s nothing I enjoy more than a hearty breakfast! This breakfast platter really hit the spot. I love that it had a little bit of everything: sausage links, tofu scramble, a pancake, a little salad, guac and some perfectly saut√©ed mushrooms. Highly recommended!

Acai bowl

For days where you just want something light and refreshing, Vegamo’s acai bowl is the perfect option. The acai is blended with coconut and almond milk and comes topped with strawberries, bananas, blueberries, apples, granola and peanuts, though the fruits may vary by seasonality.


For the glutton in you, Vegamo’s cheeseburger is chock-full of tasty toppings like veggie bacon, chipotle mayo, melted mozz and cheddar and the normal lettuce, tomato and onion. The patty is a melange of quinoa and beans, so you dont have to feel too guilty. And it comes with fries!

Three cheese pizza

If the name didn’t already imply it, this gluttonous pizza comes topped with an array of three cheeses: cheddar, mozz and ricotta, nut-balls (lol) plus a few strips of basil and sundried tomato for your tiny guilt-reducing portion of vegetables for the day. It wasn’t really worth the calories in my opinion; the pizza just tasted like a pancake with a ton of greasy cheese on top. Skip it!

Cookies ‘n cream shake

A shake that rivals the ones at Champs; I absolutely had a blast devouring it. Thickly creamy coconut (I think) based whip cream crowns this chocolate dream; of course, there’s a perfect maraschino cherry on top.

Safe to say, I highly recommend ordering this smoothie if they have it available, you won’t regret it!

A vacation in a cup.