Summer Showers, Spring Sensibilities

Spring Summer Fashion Color Vegan

Sometimes, with the world ending and the weather wibbly-wobbling any which way it feels like, I really don’t know what to wear. In those times, I like to dress not in terms of style (though I always end up stylish anyway :D), but more in terms of color and versatility.

Spring Summer Fashion Color Vegan
Spring… where were you? Ah well, I’ll bring it instead!

Since you’ll never know if it’ll rain or shine these days, it’s good to keep your options open by layering. Wearing pants helps too: I’ve had too many a “whoops sorry if I just flashed you because of the damn wind” accidents to care to remember.

Spring Summer Fashion Color Vegan
Ain’t no strong breezes gettin’ the better of me today!

Even though we basically had NO spring weather to speak of, it doesn’t mean you can’t kinda sorta dress like it! Bright jeans, as you may know already, is one of the aces in my fashion deck.

Spring Summer Fashion Color Vegan
A cute, bright and colorful crossbody bag ties it all together.

Using a springy color palette and a combination of different fabric textures (ie: a silk tee, cotton cardigan and stretchy skinnies) I was able to put together an outfit that I hope will inspire you to inject some spring into your future ensembles!

Spring Summer Fashion Color Vegan
I couldn’t resist adding a dose of Hello Kitty into my outfit!
Spring Summer Fashion Color Vegan
A silk t-shirt in a whimsical print can make any OCD cloudy/sunny day evenly bright!
Spring Summer Fashion Color Vegan
These Seychelles platforms give you a boost and are darn comfy considering the height!

Clothing –

Top: Cooperative

Cardigan: BDG

Jeans: BDG

Earrings: Sanrio

Shoes: Seychelles

Bag: Cooperative

Beauty –

Bite Lipstick in Apricot

Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation


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