A Picnic Basket Lunch Treat

The Picnic Basket nyc veggie sandwich

Whenever I forget to or don’t have time to pack lunch, I die a little bit inside. Anybody who knows me will know that I’m quite the frugalista. If I don’t have a real occasion or a meeting with a friend to spend money on outside food, I try to avoid it at all costs (literally!).

Having said that, it’s nice to treat oneself now and again. The keyword here is treat, because if you eat out every day, you’re either 1) rich or 2) asking for a heart attack. I say that because you can’t control the amount of sodium and oil used in outside cooking.

The Picnic Basket exterior nyc
Squished between a wall and a hard place, TPB is nonetheless a great find!

My visit to The Picnic Basket was one of those occasions. Like most of the “restaurants” in this area, TPB was very much a grab-n-go type of deal, granted, cuter and cozier than most. The décor was very inviting and homely, and evoked a cottage-like feel. Not bad in the food desert of Fashion Ave!

The Picnic Basket nyc interior
Certainly not shabby, the seated area at TPB seems nicer than many of the grab -n-go’s in the area.

Veggie Sandwich: Hummus + Vegetables, $8.25

Having ordered pickup, I realized afterward that I didn’t know about the “other” bread selections. Your choices would be Italian ciabatta, multi-grain or a pita. Since I didn’t specify a bread, and the lady on the phone didn’t ask me about which one I wanted, I got the default, the ciabatta.

The Picnic Basket nyc veggie sandwich
Toasty ciabatta bread envelops the fresh veggies inside.

Luckily, the ciabatta was very toasty and fresh-tasting, although the outer crust a bit hard for my liking. When I bit into the sandwich, the filling got pushed out on account how solid the outer crust was, which was annoying.

Overall, the sandwich was tasty and its ingredients seem fresh, though nothing notably special. If it wasn’t so expensive, I would certainly consider it a solid lunch choice.

Lentil soup – $5

What I hate more than anything is when containers are noticeably not filled to the top, especially if we’re talking about soup, which is more dense (and thereby more costly) than a drink.

If you look at my picture, which depicts a soup container that looks like it has already been enjoyed by someone, you get my feels. Who likes the sensation of opening a chip bag, a bottle of shampoo or a container of hummus,  only to find that the person (or machine) who filled it conveniently left some off the top? Well, nobody!

The Picnic Basket lentil soup nyc
Not happy about having so much space left at the top, but it was still a yummy soup.

Besides that particular gripe, I did enjoy what was left of the lentil soup. It wasn’t too salty like Hale & Hearty’s can be, and had the perfect blend of peppery spices, lentils and carrots.

Next time I forget my lunch, TPB will be my go to after Indian and Xi’an!

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