Earth Day Giveaway + A Reminder to be Kind

vegan chao earth-day-giveaway-hero

Earth day seems like another one of those “non” holidays. You don’t really get the day off, but the media wants to tell you about it anyway.

For me, Earth Day is every day. I’m that slightly annoyingly righteous person advocating for a scrap paper bin in the office. I’m the one advocating people shop at thrift stores instead of buying new. I’m the one who’s always trying to recycle everything, from paper straw wrappers (or simply just refusing a straw — c’mon, do you really need one?) to expired coupons.

So today, instead of writing yet another planet-saving blog post, I’d like to hear about how my readers do it, or would like to do it. And I’m rewarding you with a giveaway from one of my favorite companies, 100 Percent Pure, who is using the proceeds from every purchase today to provide safe water for the residents of Flint, Michigan.

I’m a small blog, so in no way is this a paid collaboration on my end. I just want to hear about one way you all help the earth and would like to keep doing so.

To get everyone started, check out this WikiHow article (love that site!) on how to have a smaller ecological footprint. And just be practical: if you don’t need to use plastic utensils, a plastic bag or if you can get to your destination by public transportation or bike, it just makes sense.


  1. Leave a comment below about how you help keep the earth a hospitable place to live OR how’d you’d like to. Or both!
  2. Comments will be accepted via the Facebook comment form below, via commenting on my Instagram post, commenting on my YouTube video, or by responding to my tweet.
  3. Chances are doubled if you comment AND subscribe to my social channels (one extra entry per follow).
  4. Winner will be contacted and their comment featured in a blog post! I will be picking a winner and posting by end of next week.

Happy Earth Day everybody! Good luck!

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