The Rocket Dog Yonder Bootie


Being vegan doesn’t just extend to your diet… it also means changing the way you shop.

I can’t tell you just how many times I’ve weeped over seeing a lovely pair of high heels that seemed made for me in both style and function… only to refuse to purchase them because they were made of leather.

I refuse to sacrifice ethics for fashion and adorning myself, because I know at the end of the day, I will feel like a huge hypocrite.

These days, virtually anything can be made from high-quality, man-made materials, and there really is no other reason to buy a leather purse or pair of shoes, so don’t give me any excuse of “but I just can’t find anything not made from animals!”

Buying secondhand is also a great alternative. Although I will still not wear animal-sourced items from even a secondhand shop because I don’t want to promote the material itself, I would say in this case, it is acceptable, because you aren’t using up any more resources. :)

Today I would like to introduce my favorite pair of all-purpose shoe: The Rocket Dog Yonder Bootie in Black!

This boot is a great all-purpose wardrobe staple.

I’ve worn a LOT of different types of boots, lace-up, buckled, zip-side, and riding. This boot took me by surprise… I bought it on a whim at DSW (which has a great online clearance selection for vegan shoes), and I’m so happy I did.

Style-wise, the boot sports contrast white stitching, which I usually do not like (reminds me of craft projects) but it’s a low-key embellishment, so it doesn’t bother me too much. The boot has a 1-inch heel for a little height boost.

Each Rocket Dog shoe sports a little Dog & Stars emblem on the sole.

There is also a little stitched Rocket Dog emblem on the inner sides of each shoe, and on the sole, which is consistent with the brand’s design.

The slouch effect makes it a great transition piece from day to night, and a trendy staple for girls (or boys!) who like to switch up an outfit. It blends easily with dresses and skinnies, and still manages to make an unassuming fashion-forward impact.

The shoe has an easy slip-on structure, and the tab at the back helps you grab a hold of the boot in a pinch if you are in a rush (ie: running late to class at 6:00 a.m.),  and has a secure fit.

For walkers, the Yonder bootie holds up great if you decide to take a 50-block stroll through the city, or need to run some errands around town.

The boot has a flexible rubber sole, and absorbs shock very well, so dashing after the crosstown M79 or making the dim sum deadline at Buddha Bodai would reap successful results.

In urban weather, it fares excellently, as the faux-leather repels errant raindrops and keeps your tootsies quite dry. Just don’t expect great results during a lightning storm.

Though I bought the boot earlier this year in March for $19.94, presently, the lowest price is $39.00 at JDR Shoe Warehouse. I would say it’s still a bargain, considering how great the shoe is… I would definitely buy it again! It also comes in Brown and Grey.

All in all, the boot is a winning combination of practicality and function.



Affordability (as of present pricing):  

Images via Amazon, Shoesteal & Sarenza.

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