We all moo for Mooshka (Amsterdam)

Soul food and I have always been best friends since day one; it’s always delicious, sometimes healthy and never puts me in a bad mood. Plus, it tends to come in generous portions, so I sometimes get to eat it again the next meal!

*Quick note: this restaurant charged us for any little sauce we asked for, like ketchup for 3 euros, so keep that in mind!

We loved Mooskha so much we visited multiple times on our trip. It’s highly recommended! Their drinks are also stellar, try the Homemade Lemonade if you get the chance.

Buffalo Soldier: 19.50

The Buffalo Soldier dish is truly for lovers of buffalo wings. I loved the creamy tartar sauce that paired perfectly with the sweet and tart flavor of the buffalo wings.

Roti Masala: 19.50

For Indian food lovers, Moohska’s Roti Masala hits the spot with thick and rippably-soft roti and spicy masla that is chock-full of curry flavor. This dish is very filling and I loved every bite.

Radion (Amsterdam)

A former dental office, Radion is a multi-purpose space where I discovered some stellar vegan bites. From their website: “RADION is located in the former dental centre ACTA, better known as Broedplaats ACTA. In the night, RADION is a club with a 24h license and by day, a Vegan Cafe. We regularly host cultural events […]

The definitive guide to sightseeing in Amsterdam

Ahh, the Netherlands; land of tulips, legal prostitution, canals and stroopwafels… and more! My first foray into Dutchland was interesting, if not a little too long for my liking*. Still, it was memorable in more than one way. First off, I quickly found out that a) nonstop flights are insanely more expensive (like three times […]

First Post-COVID-19 (ish) Spaincation! Part II: Llanes

Ah, Llanes: a place no tourist will probably ever go (and after our trip, me neither tbqh) or even know the existence of. Truly a town made for beachside ballyhoos, sunburned sangrias (or their fruitier, lighter local version called tinto de verano) and… not much else. Unlike the metropolitan vibe of Madrid, Llanes is much […]

Closing 2016: Galician Food Tour

galicia food tour vegan chao

2016 has been quite the year for me.¬†I moved out of my house, I lost my dog and, most importantly, I was able to reflect on the important things in life: like not taking our president-elect seriously. It’s only apropos that I ended the year in one of my favorite countries: Spain, far far away […]