We all moo for Mooshka (Amsterdam)

Soul food and I have always been best friends since day one; it’s always delicious, sometimes healthy and never puts me in a bad mood. Plus, it tends to come in generous portions, so I sometimes get to eat it again the next meal!

*Quick note: this restaurant charged us for any little sauce we asked for, like ketchup for 3 euros, so keep that in mind!

We loved Mooskha so much we visited multiple times on our trip. It’s highly recommended! Their drinks are also stellar, try the Homemade Lemonade if you get the chance.

Buffalo Soldier: 19.50

The Buffalo Soldier dish is truly for lovers of buffalo wings. I loved the creamy tartar sauce that paired perfectly with the sweet and tart flavor of the buffalo wings.

Roti Masala: 19.50

For Indian food lovers, Moohska’s Roti Masala hits the spot with thick and rippably-soft roti and spicy masla that is chock-full of curry flavor. This dish is very filling and I loved every bite.

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