Dunhuang Miss Noodle – So Spicy & Oily

Well folks, it’s been quite a crazy ride, but we made it: my first indoor, post-vaccinated restaurant visit.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t as thrilling as I had hoped. I have to go back to not having high expectations!

DunHuang, I realized, I was a restaurant I had visited pre-pandemic, in another location (St. Marks). I didn’t realize this until I saw the branded bowl they served me (it’s quite recognizable).

Anyway once I remembered, I had already ordered, so that was a bit useless! Aside from the food, I did find their interiors modern and sleek, and well kept.

Mo Crispy Flatbread: $8.18

dunhuang miss noodle vegan_0907
Truly the most frustrating carb experience I’ve had.

Do you like bread that’s been soaked like a sponge in spicy oil, then fried to a crisp? I thought I did, until I tasted this bread.

Typically, I’m the type of annoying person that likes to use a napkin to soak the excess oil off a slice of pizza. Suffice it to say, this oil-soaked concoction definitely triggered me in the wrong way. I couldn’t even get the oil off!

The bread itself was supremely salty and was certainly not worth the calories/fat payoff for the taste. I would’ve much preferred if they had nearly surface-fried the bread and not soaked it in oil.

Mapo Tofu, $12.90

dunhuang miss noodle vegan_0911
Probably the only dish that didn’t make me feel like having a coronary!

Because this dish wasn’t drenched in a layer of oil, I liked it the best. It also had a classically MSG-type Chinese food taste and it was a silky texture, which are actually pros— though it certainly didn’t blow my mind or anything. For nearly $13, though, this is seriously overpriced (and doesn’t even come with rice!).

Silky Wide Glass Noodles, $7.90

dunhuang miss noodle vegan_0910
Chewy and oily, not a great combination…

Holy spices! This truly got my nose running. It’s basically super chewy thick rectangles in a peppercorn-chili-oil slick. I found myself trying to bite a noodle in half and failing, making me feel supremely unsatisfied. The noodles are kind of like chewing gum, without the fun and with a ton of oil you’re scared to get on your clothes as you eat it. I did like the novelty of the noodles, but not enough to make me want to return.

Mala Noodles, $12.90

dunhuang miss noodle vegan_0909
Oil spill, anyone?

A thick layer of chili oil laminates this entire bowl in a ghastly red slick— to the point of me trying to squeegee it off with my lips when I slurp them. This dish was tough to eat, even for someone like me that hates wasting food. I wish they had three times the amount of bok choy to counteract how unhealthy I felt while eating it. The noodles are apparently handmade, but they really don’t taste special (they also don’t seem handmade). Overall I was really disappointed by this dish.

Black Sesame Soupless Tangyuan (promo item): 

dunhuang miss noodle vegan_0914
The classic tanyuang dessert done in a novel presentation!

Probably my favorite dish, which turned out to be a free promo item, ironically! This tangyuan had a crispy crust on the outside, which made for an interesting texture contrast. I like that they drizzled it in honey. The mochi filling wasn’t super sweet, and it felt like an apology for the awful meal we had.

I won’t be returning to DunHung Miss Noodles, but it’s still nice to have choices in BK. Even if I don’t choose them again!

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