Mexico City – The Veguerrero

As the very first restaurant I ever ate in in Mexico, The Veguerrero will always hold a special place in my heart. Also because their food was ahhhhmazing.

If you want authentic Mexican vegan food, definitely stop by this adorable hole in the wall. It is worth the trip!

Love the spot-on Lisa mural!
More vegan-friendly art as you eat ;)

Triple-layer taco:

Can you see the delectable flavor vibes coming off the taco?

The waitress suggested we try this delectable invention and boy am I glad I did. This tortilla was chock-full of freshly cut cabbage, spring onion, bbq-marinated seitan chunks and vegan cheese. The tortillas tasted house-made and paired with any of the sauces on the table, it was a super flavor-bomb.

Tomato soup:

It may look pretty basic, but don’t let appearances fool you!

With a little spicy kick, this simple and thin tomato soup really hit the spot. I doubt there were more than four main ingredients. It accompanies an entrée as a side, giving you more bang for your buck.

Cucumber water (complimentary):

The perfect libation for your taco decapitation! (I tried)

How does this place stay in business? I absolutely adored the slightly sweet, totally natural tasting cucumber-pulp water. It was refreshing without being overpowering, like an agua fresca. Best of all, it was absolutely FREE. I don’t think I will ever leave.


I played the flute in high school marching band, so it makes sense that I would love flute-shaped foods :P

We ordered two types of flautas and both impressed us to no end. Topped with a just-cut mélange of lettuce, red bell pepper, creamy dressing and alegria (crispy quinoa-like puffed seeds), the deep-fried finger-like flautas hide some majorly mouthwatering fillings. The seitan flauta was perfectly seasoned and had melted cheeses, which was pretty much the same way the mushroom flauta was prepared. We had fun dipping them into the creamy and spicy jalapeno sauce on the side.

Jammy cheesecake:

Will I ever like raw food? Probably not, but I don’t hate it either.

Unfortunately, they were out of tiramisu (as most anyone who knows me knows it’s my favorite dessert), but they did have some raw cheesecake. I think this was my least liked item of the meal, but it wasn’t too bad. Just kinda boring. It did taste healthy, which is not really something you technically want in a dessert. Also, I’m not a huge fan of raw cheesecake, but it certainly wasn’t the worst cake I’ve ever had.

Our final bill came to 17 USD (unfortunately I forgot to snap a pic of the receipt), which is a total song for what we got (two flautas, two tacos and a dessert), not to mention excellent service in a very veg-centric atmosphere. I do wish they were open more hours of the day (we only got to eat there once since it didn’t mesh with the rest of our vacation schedule), but hey, I’m glad I got the chance to eat there at all. Maybe next time, I’ll get a chance to try the tiramisu.

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