Forever Vegano

It’s true dedication to name your restaurant “Forever Vegan,” which in my book gets them top props, forever. Their food isn’t too shabby either (actually, it’s downright delicious!!).

Located in the snazzy Roma Norte neighborhood of Mexico City, Forever Vegano has a boho-psychadelic-fancy vibe that lends itself perfectly to a date, casual brunch or, just because.

The service was a little inattentive and nothing special and they do encourage tipping (which is pretty customary now in Mexico, probably a holdover from the USA), which was annoying for me. Still, I like to support all-vegan businesses, so c’est la vie.

Tropical Smoothie & Ginger Ade

The smoothie was fine, a good pick-me-up after a day of walking around everywhere. The ginger-ade was made with real ginger onsite and especially refreshing, so I recommend it if you’re looking for a light type of libation.

Brócoli Braseado

Great as a quick appetizer that’s on the healthier side: tahini, pickled onion and pistachio sauce gives it a hearty and savory bend to otherwise boring broccoli.

Hamburguesa Crispy Avocado

This burger caught my eye because “avocado” and “crispy” were oxymoronic and I was curious as to how they would pull off making avocado crispy. It ended up tasting kinda meh, mostly like crispy breading with avocado inside. Nothing special about this burger.

Onion rings

We love a good, fatty order of onion rings and these were your standard greasy, crispy fare. I especially loved the trio of sauces provided: spicy, normal mayo-ish and a bbq type.

Panna Cotta

The real star of the show was dessert; in the form of a subtle but standout panna cotta in a jar. It had a light, custardy texture and the most delicious graham/coffee cake-type crusty topping. I really had to resist ordering a second one; it was that good. I think Forever’s real forte is desserts; their food is fine but their desserts are truly special and not-to-be-missed. They seem to rotate them out, so hopefully the panna cotta is on their menu when you visit.

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