Mi Dulce Jacalito

Probably my favorite (actually, I can definitively say it is my favorite) aspect of traveling is discovering small vegan businesses and enjoying their food & hospitality. Such was the case with Mi Dulce Jacalito (My Sweet Little Hut).

Nothing fancy, it definitely has character.

The owner served us himself and was super-friendly and sweet. He told us about how he got into owning a vegan restaurant and showed us some photos of his creations and events he’d held at the location.

The menu is all in Spanish, but honestly everything we had was good so you can’t go wrong.

Crispy pork sandwich –

Where’s the rest of my sandwich?!
At least it had two layers lol

Seems like all the ingredients used at MDS are super fresh & their food generally tastes healthy, without added flavorings. The only thing I’d complain about is that the sandwich could be bigger!

This sandwich had crispy “pork” like pieces hugged by lettuce, tomatoes, avocado and bean sprouts. The bread was your normal sliced whole-wheat type, toasted.

It came with a small vinigrette’d side salad. Very fresh and tasty, but I with there was another sandwich :'( I was still hungry!

Tomato & seitan sauté –

Sweet tomato salsa combined with chunky pieces of seitan for a savory fling in Mexico! This was an enjoyable dish that paired well with the provided soft tortillas (not pictured). The black bean puree provided a nice complement t the slightly spicy stir fry.

Seitan burger –

Since we were still pretty hungry after the two dishes, we decided to order a burger and didn’t regret it. This was similar to the sandwich, except that it came with house fries instead of salad. This burger won’t leave you feeling bloated — the bun is very light & airy and the burger isn’t super dense. The fries were perfectly crisp!

Passionfruit juice –

Loved this drink — it was subtly sweet and so fruity. It had real passion fruit seeds and pulp and was mixed with fresh mint leaves.

Toasted chicory –

Toasted chicory is nothing like coffee. I actually have no idea how to describe it — kinda like if coffee wasn’t bitter at all and was naturally a bit chocolatey. I highly recommend people who typically don’t like coffee or prefer decaf to try it.

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