Glass Bottles and Corks, the Teaus Recipe to Sweet Success

Teaus Flushing Mango Green and Lychee Tea

Asians seem to have a special affection for glass bottles and corks. Don’t believe me? Just walk into any Asian gift shop and you’ll see what I mean– they friggin’ SELL empty glass bottles and jars for the sole purpose of filling them with stars and giving them away as a gift (holla at my high school years of stars in jars crafts!).

Maybe that was the brainchild behind the Teaus recipe for success– and success has followed in droves, as during a recent weekend visit to the little teahouse. The line was out the door, which in itself is a promotion of the place. Perhaps they made the place tiny on purpose, huh? It also doesn’t help that the cash register is right by the door. Strategic, much?

Ambiance –

Anyway, Flushing has certainly taken a shine to this shop, which replaced a bakery about half a year ago. I first thought it would be a really hipster place, since they certainly stand out from traditional Flushing storefronts with their scalloped awning, FujiFilm corkboard and mahogany counters. Oh, and some strategically placed ivy for that “lived-in” look.

Teaus Flushing Mango Green and Lychee Tea
Teaus definitely has a cult-vibe going on. Cute is the word– Asians love it!
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The whole place gives off an almost cult-ish vibe, like “too cool for school” tea snob with their branding everywhere. Which is great– you want to be seen and heard if you’re just getting established, and having a cute logo certainly helps. I personally don’t like it.

Don’t except to have room to sit– there are only two teeny tables with 4 teeny chairs inside by the wall, so this place is strictly a grab-n-go type of joint.

Service –

The mostly young staff was efficient, and not overly nice or anything. After you get your drink, it’s self serve as far as bagging your heavy glass bottle and getting straws. Also, be careful drinking out the bottle or carting it around, because it will leak all over the place if you don’t drink a bunch immediately.

Teas –

One thing I liked about my tea was that it wasn’t candy-sweet, like Coco, Chatime or Quickly can be. The tea was allowed to shine and the addition of fresh-cut fruit was definitely a plus. Of course, they still use fruit syrups and flavorings so it’s not like you’re getting top notch stuff.

Teaus Flushing Mango Green and Lychee Tea
Lychee tea to the left, Mango on the right.

Mango Green Tea – Near Confection Perfection

I ordered the mango green tea, which was refreshing and just a bit fruity. The tea isn’t ice cold– just a little cold, like refrigerated and then shaken with the flavorings. They also do not add ice to their drinks, which might please some who don’t want a drink to be icy-cold.

Teaus Flushing Mango Green and Lychee Tea
The slim bottle doesn’t hold much drink. All looks!

Lychee Green Tea – Almost Acceptable

I also had some of the Lychee Green Tea, which came with a lemon slice in it. It wasn’t as tasty as the Mango, as it was a bit more watered down and just not flavorful at all. Ironically, it cost $4.75– a dollar more than my $3.75 & tastier Mango Green Tea drink.

Overall, Teaus is a bit pricey for the amount of tea you actually get– you’re pretty much paying for the bottle. There is also an option to have your tea served in a plastic cup though, so maybe you’ll get more out of that container (I should do a comparison! Stay posted for an update!).

Last word – don’t go to Teaus unless you want a glass bottle… you’ll save $$ brewing your own tea at home!

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