L’arte del Gelato Sorbets Could Be More L’Smarte

Summer means scouting out all manner of frozen treats; and a bowl of zesty, fruity gelato is the perfect find.

Unfortunately, that’s also on the minds of just about everyone else I share this fair city with. Why can’t I have all the trappings of city life without the crowding?

Service – 2

Because this place is so popular, the counter workers haven’t enough time to offer you even a half-assed answer to a question (had to ask repeatedly for an answer since I was ignored the first time), let alone crack a smile. I realize they want to take care of all their customers to make the most moolah, but they really need dedicated sample tasting/paying lines. It’s simply poor crowd control. I have to fight for my place in line to get my order in and pay them, and for this reason alone, I don’t seek out L’arte del Gelato unless I’m really hankering for gelato.

Ambiance – 2.5

As LDG is situated in Chelsea Market, it’s more of a grab + go type deal. They do have two stainless steel side tables with ridiculously clashing wicker chairs, though those are quickly occupied. I’d recommend eating while strolling through Chelsea or the High Line.

L’arte del Gelato vegan_3680
C’mon guys, smile!!

Sorbet (Cantaloupe + Passion Fruit) – 3.5

For $4.50, you get around a 8 oz cup with two flavors. Being that their samples are limited to two per person, I would recommend sampling flavors you usually like.

Not all their sorbets are vegan, though — the chocolate one has milk. Also, they aren’t sure about the ingredients in the cone, so I would err on the side of caution and not get it. Sucks, though, since I like cones better than a littertastic bowl!

L’arte del Gelato vegan_3679
After fighting my way to the front, I got my small prize.

Anyway, about the sorbets. If a passion fruit flavored-something is in my immediate vicinity, most likely, I will be getting me some, LDG’s version is a bit tart, but still pleasantly sweet. Their seasonal cantaloupe flavor really does taste like cantaloupe – melony and just a tad sweet.

L’arte del Gelato vegan_3676
Gotta give ’em points on delicious-looking presentation!

I also love the presentation of the sorbets, which look lusciously creamy and whipped and are usually garnished with fresh fruit slices. Don’t dawdle and stare, though, else you’ll probably be skipped over for someone ready to pay!

One line rhyme-ary:

Though I love your gelato, I ain’t a roboto, so treat me human next time or I won’t give a dime!


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