Vaute Couture Launch Party


Brands that focus on a message of goodwill and a positive cause can only do great things, right? That’s the supposition behind Vaute Couture, a vegan fashion company based on the premise that animals need not be harmed in order for humans to look good.

On Saturday, I peeled myself out of my sticky-hot house (been holding off till the last minute on an AC! Those things eat up electricity like no tomorrow!) and made my way to Vaute Couture’s new flagship’s launch party. As I expected, the store was meticulously decorated, with meaningful vegan aphorisms gracing the wall in bold white cursive on black, deep mahogany display tables and framed pics of Jane Goodall and other vegan superhumans. And it was packed.

I love Vaute’s message, that you can “vote” (how the brand’s name is pronounced) with your fashion choices by choosing the less-traveled path. I am a cheapass, though, and prefer to thrift rather than buy, in my opinion, overpriced polyester dresses. Still, the brand has a distinct voice and unerring commitment to animal advocacy, so I support their mission.

The Vaute girl is a conscious consumer that appreciates clothing that goes beyond simply decorating her frame. She likes girly yet confident designs in tastefully fun colors and isn’t afraid to stand out amongst a sea of black in NYC.

Although Vaute originally started as a vegan winter coat brand, it has carefully expanded its retinue by including swimwear, ready-to-wear casual and formal dresses and whimsical menswear for the guys who want something different from Uniqlo or Bonobos. It’s kind of like Urban Outfitters’ eco-conscious, non-corporate little sister.

vaute couture vegan store opening nyc3020
Packed with people who love supporting indie vegan brands (unsurprisingly, mostly girls)!
vaute couture vegan store opening nyc302
In addition to clothing, Vaute teamed up with Pop Up Florist and was selling succulents at their “bar.” Click the photo for their website!
vaute couture vegan store opening nyc30
Hashtags galore!
vaute couture vegan store opening nyc3
Managed to score two green tea macarons from Sweet Maresa’s!
vaute couture vegan store opening nyc
Love the peaceful and charming artwork throughout the store.
vaute couture vegan store opening nyc
Grand opening promo!
vaute couture vegan store opening nyc
Looked like most of the freebies were gone by the time I got there around 2:30, hehe
vaute couture vegan store opening nyc
Vaute has plenty of swimsuits in vibrant colors to get your beach on. Made from recycled bottles!
vaute couture vegan store opening nyc
On of my favorite pieces is this starry sky dress that works well from the streets to the beach!
vaute couture vegan store opening nyc
Vaute tastefully furnished its store with homey touches, like this cherry wood wardrobe.
vaute couture vegan store opening nyc
The Vaute coat shop: what started it all.
vaute couture vegan store opening nyc
It’s a bit of a mix between a boutique and a well-run indie clothing store (which it is, I think!).
vaute couture vegan store opening nyc
Absolutely love this factor of their business.
vaute couture vegan store opening nyc
Jane, every vegan’s personal muse!

Visit Vaute at 114 Stanton Street (& Essex), NYC & check out their Pop Up Florist counter, too.

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