VJFB™ // Vegan Junk Food Bar (Amsterdam)

A super-popular and trendy vegan franchise in Europe, VJFB has multiple locations around Amsterdam and one new spot in Barcelona. Their food is super-instagrammable with their eye-catching colors (natural origin) and funky decor in every location.

Sumo platter:

Sumo platter: 18.95

A medley of all their appetizer offerings, this app platter allows everyone to try a little bit of everything.

From their website: “Fly Wingz, Flamboyant Shrimpz, Kalamariz, Pnut Thai Chik’n & Classic Betterballs, Smiley Fries, Vegan Junkstar™ sauces.”

I wasn’t crazy about the Betterballs, which I found a bit dense and too oily for my taste. The other items were good but didn’t blow me away. I also really hated the colored sauces because it reminded me of play-dough… I guess I’m a classic kinda gal, I like for food to look like their regular state (with the exception of candy, which I don’t really consider food lol). Taste-wise, the sauces were good and I enjoyed the yellow one (I think it was a version of honey mayo mustard).

Daddy burger:

Daddy: 12.95

Had I known this burger came in grotesque coloring, I would definitely have ordered another one. Tastewise, it was fine, albeit a bit greasy, but it visually repulsed me. I get that it’s VJFB’s marketing but I am personally not a fan.

Tropical buba:

Tropical Buba: 4.50

This dessert was quite honestly my favorite item out of the entire meal: it was creamy, fruity and perfectly sweet with tropical flavors. I was in the food for a fruity dessert and this one really hit the spot. The blueberry popping pearls was an interesting addition to an otherwise straightforward mango mousse and I loved the interplay of tastes.

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