Hot Buffalo Bugles, Crunchy Fun!

Lots of times when people ask what I eat, they never think about the delicious junk food that actually happen to be vegan. No, no… in their mind, we vegans only eat carrots, beans, and mushy tofu all day… and that is precisely why I decided to start this blog… to prove that yes, I CAN HAS HOT BUFFALO FLAVORED BUGLES!

Frankly, I myself was shocked to find out that these were actually vegan… but in my experience with crunchy junk like chips and doodles, vegan flavors tend to be:

a) Hot/spicy

b) Sea salted

c) Salt/pepper

d) Plain… well, duh.

Another funny thing is that a lot of things that are “veggie” flavored tend to have milk in them, like the Veggie Wheat Thin Toasted Chips I was duped by and promptly spitted out.

Hot Buffalo Bugles:  

Anyhow, I found these Bugles at a 7 Eleven in Flushing, and I have to say, they were pretty spicy! The spicy flavoring got all over my fingers when I ate them, and honestly, I think I would have liked them better if there were less of the powder… or if I mixed in some regular Bugles to balance them out. They’re actually a little bit sour, and they kind of remind me of the type of spicy/soury taste that Sriracha sauce imparts to a dish.

The Bugles are about $2 a bag, but I got one free! :)

I just have one recommendation for any would-be Hot Buffalo bugle munchers… have a glass of cool water handy!

Crunchy, hot and a good complement to a veggie burger for an added kick.

So, for a nice change from your plain junk food flavors, pick some Hot Buffalo Bugles out! It won’t hurt… that much. :)

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