Easy Beauty: Mainstream Drugstores with Natural Products!

It can be hard for an urban girl/boy on the go to find quality natural products for their sexy bods without needing to map out a store route a day in advance. Luckily, I did that work for you here! Listed below are a few choice stores that have multiple locations across the states that carry vegan-skin friendly beauty booty. Your lovely epidermis (and wallet) can thank me later.

Here is a list of natural brands that are commonly available at most drugstores:

Body Care:

  • Yes to Carrots
  • Burts Bees
  • Neutrogena Naturals (most recently)
  • J.R. Watkins
  • Physician’s Formula

1) Duane Reade

Everyone in New York knows Duane Reade. The ubiquitous drugstore now hawks one of my favorite brands of all time, 100% pure, in select locations. This brand creates products that are seriously safe to eat (though not too tasty, I would think!).

I recently spied a few natural products on sale in the Flushing, Queens location (including Yes to Carrots, Avalon and Jason), though selection may vary from each neighborhood… but don’t hesitate to check out your neighborhood DR!

Duane Reade offers the full 100% pure line in addition to staple natural brands.
Scrubs, body lotions and cremes galore!
Green apple stem cells? This is one product I'm looking forward to trying! Keep posted!
They also have a great stock of their full natural makeup line.
Here are some lip-cheek tints, which get their bright color from vegetable and fruit pigments.
The lip gloss is a favorite of mine... not too gloopy and has a great natural taste.

Price-wise, the line runs a bit more expensive than your usual cheap Dove body wash, but it’s well worth the quality. I have tried both scrubs and body lotion, and I can wholly recommend their sugar scrubs (the lotion was not my favorite).

It’s great that DR now provides testers as well, it’s a great way to smell and sample the natural goodness that is 100% pure!

They also stock another line, Skin by Monica, which I haven’t yet tried, but from the testers I used, it does smell quite nice.

Another natural line to try!

2) CVS

The best thing about CVS is their self-checkout kiosks, now in many of the main CVS stores. These make me feel less guilty about stocking up on about 20 bottles of moisturizers when they go on sale.

CVS is a great place to pick up some of PF's new liner gels and makeup.
I really love PF's mascara! There is also a $2 off coupon on each package right now, so buybuybuy.

CVS carries lines like Yes to Carrots, the full Physicians Formula Naturals makeup line, Alba Botanicals and one of my favorite products, Solar Nail Oil. They also carry Burts Bees, but much of the Burts line contains lactoperoxidase, which is a milk protein, and therefore not vegan. Their hand salve and lemon salve are vegan though.

Neutrogena jumped on the natural bandwagon by hawking their Neutrogena Naturals line, which can be found here, along with Physicians Formula makeup.

CVS now carries Neutrogena's new Naturals line. I have yet to try it.

3) Walgreens

This popular pharmacy stocks plenty of Yes to Carrots, Burts Bees and Shea Moisture products.

I love the blueberry makeup wipes! Great for on-the-go.

4) Bed Bath & Beyond

You wouldn’t normally associate this popular housewares and bedding chain store with having natural products, but they stock Badger Balm, Burts Bees, Jason and Alba Botanicals products at fair prices. I bought my 100% natural lip sunscreen there!

The Badger Balm company makes excellent all natural lip balms.
Plenty of Badger goodies to go around!

5) Rite Aid

Surprisingly, this convenient drugstore has stocked Giovanni, J.R. Watkins, and Alba Botanica products for a long time now. I frequently buy my Giovanni lotions here, a favorite being the Cucumber Dream scent, which smells a lot like the Bath and Body Works Cucumber Melon scent (except much better for your skin!).

Rite now (sorry, couldn’t resist), Rite Aid is having a 75% off clearance sale off their natural products, including all of the ones I just mentioned. I hope this doesn’t mean they are discontinuing their natural lines, but we will have to see.

The lovely Rite Aid shelf beckons to me.
Rite Aid is one of the few remaining retailers with Jason products.
Giovanni products are by far my favorite mainstream natural beauty line.
Ecotools, which also makes natural makeup brushes and accessories, has a great body product line.
J.R. Watkins' lemon hand creme is one of my favorite products.
Matrix Biolage came out with an organic line as well. Added to my list!
Here are a few Avalon products I spied on the top shelf!

So with this newfound knowledge in hand, there really is no excuse to keep using products with harmful parabens, sulfates and other nasty chemicals in them. Onward, natural beauty warriors!

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