Easter Bunny Corn

Candy corn has always been one of those candies that you don’t know you miss… until you can’t have it. Traditional candy corn typically contains gelatin, albumen, beeswax and honey (which I don’t mind, since I eat honey), so it had been a looong time since I devoured a handful.

Luckily for me, Jelly Belly came out with an awesome Easter candy corn this year called Bunny Corn and since I love Jelly Belly in general, I just had to try it for myself!

Not to mention, PETER RABBIT is on the package! Cmon, who could resist that?

I love the cute little Peter Rabbit toon on the front-- it brings me back!
The colors also added a lovely touch.

The flavor of the Bunny Corn was quite unique– it didn’t taste like regular candy corn, actually, much better! The consistency was nice and creamy. Like it said on the package, it tasted like a “mellocreme,” like a marshmallow/candy corn hybrid.


If the small little 3 oz. package didn’t cost $2.95 + tax, I would probably be stuffing my face with these everyday. Probably a good thing it’s more expensive– it’s a special treat just for Easter.

Price:   (quite pricey)

Scoop a few... or a bunch... up before they hop away!

For a colorful vegan Easter, don’t miss these cute little bunny corn treats. Much better than those yucky Cadbury Eggs!

Spare a bunny this easter! Eat bunny corn.


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  1. Seriously you need to read Farmagedon if I had enough money I would hand it out to everyone.

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