Marais Me: Adorable Bright and Neutral Sandals

As I say a somber goodbye to the long days and nights of summer and a hello to the jewel-tones of fall, I feel the need to adorn my feet in colors that reflect my changing moods, along with the volatile weather.

So many shoes, so little feet.

Marais is on my list of go-to shoe brands for high-quality, on-trend tootsie toppers. I first fell in love with their all-purpose, super-chic patent navy Maryjane flats back in ’09 that I wore with pretty much everything: skinnies, flared skirts, rompers, you name it. Then came the Crosby sandal, which I bought in both cobalt and poppy red… which became a vital part of my summer uniform.

Most recently, I took full advantage of their summer sitewide sale by snatching up 4 luscious pairs of sandals. I was originally looking for a comparable replacement for my poppy red Crosbys, but decided that at $44.00, I might as well indulge myself a bit.

Take full advantage of their awesome sale! Photo courtesy of

Here is a rundown of my sandalicious haul:

1) Woven Cage Sandal

This shade of pink-nude is quite complimentary. I tend to like nudes that have a pink undertone instead of skewing more towards tan/beige.

This toe-cage sandal shape is definitely one of my favorite shoe shapes as far as comfort and style go: the small gaps between the straps let you show off your pedi a bit, but you can also get away with just having au naturel nails in a pinch as well.

As you can see, the sole provides plenty of flex and comfort.

I like that the two criss crossing back straps are super-supportive too: they hang on to your tootsies comfortably and securely.

I bought it in two colors: coral (it looks red in the picture but it’s actually coral-ish orange) and pinkish nude, which is a great color for fall! I’m actually contemplating getting the “pool” color too, as it looks like a mint shade in the pictures (I’m such a shoe-a-holic, seriously. Someone report me!).

One caveat: for some reason, I found that there was a little “rattling” sound in the heel, but it’s honestly not noticeable when you’re walking around on the street. Just think of it doing double duty as a baby toy!


Comfort –  

Cost – 

Chicness – 

2) Straw Ankle-Strap Mini-drille

I’ve always been fond of traditional espadrilles, but due to the lofty 4-5 inch heel height of most espadrille styles, I end up tossing them aside. It’s not like I’m hurting for more blisters!

These mini-espadrilles are perfect for a quick stroll through some crunchy leaves.

These mini-drilles add the perfect dash of oomph via a 1-inch woven heel and a cushioned sole. The pink color, which I bought for my little sister, is a bit of a ballet-pink, very light and easy to accessorize with some bright fall colors. I personally like the denim color more though, as it skews towards a more retro feel.

Great for showing off your bright pedi in cruise-able, chic comfort!

The only thing I didn’t really like about them was that the ankle strap was a bit too thin for my liking, and somewhat constricting, even when I loosened it, as you can only loosen so much before it loses effect. Maybe this can be remedied by poking more holes in the strap, you guys try it and let me know how it works out!

Comfort – 

Cost –  

Chicness –  

So what are you waiting for? Grab some Marais for yourself today, and show me how you rocked it! Tweet me your chic Marais pix @veganchao and I’ll feature my faves on the site! Get snapping!

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