A Rare Treat: Buono Vegan Butterfly Cookies

One of the many things I’ve missed since going vegan has got to be the flaky, buttery taste of a butterfly cookie. Because these little bad boys are usually made with loads of butter and… loads of butter, it’s just that elusive product I’ve been combing every specialty store for (they’re also exceedingly hard to replicate at home, so there’s another added annoyance).

Then, one day, while nonchalantly scanning the snack aisle of my local Chinese grocer, I had the good fortune to pick up a box of these Buono cookies and discovered, quite surprisingly, that they were vegan!

The cookies come conveniently sealed in 4 separate foil-packs, with 4 cookies encased in each.

4 delicious cookies in each pack!
Yes, I was pretty shocked that there was no actual butter in the list.

I found this very convenient since this sort of cookie gets stale quite easily if not consumed quickly after opening, so the fact that they came in the proper portion sized packaging made my snacking time a lot easier.

Now on to the actual cookie! I thoroughly enjoyed the crispy, sugar-glazed coating of the cookie, which also had a border of crunchy sugar cubes on the outer fringe.
The cookie itself was a little dryish and papery, but when eaten with a steaming mug of green tea or cold soymilk, it pairs quite well. Overall, I really missed eating butterfly cookies, so a little dryness was not going to put me off. Plus, their packaged, not fresh (hint hint wink wink Atlas Café!), so you can’t really ask for too much.
These cookies are both yummy and pretty.
One thing I really didn’t like was that there was 0.5 gram (grams? It’s not 1, so…) of trans fat, so I would be wary of chowing down on them too often. Don’t sweat it too much, though.
That pesky 0.5 trans fat!!
Aesthetically, these cookies are quite nice to look at, and would also make a great thing to serve as a hostess. Just make sure to cleanly dispose the evidence… and put it on a fancy plate! They’re also made in Taiwan, holla to my hometown!
Cost  (at $2.99!)
Now, excuse me, while I munch away with my fingers on my teacup, and my pinkie in the air.

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