Organic Grill and Black Mountain Wine House of Brooklyn

So yes, I have been incredibly lax with updating my blog, and I apologize profusely!! But I have had quite the eventful week, so don’t blame me too much! :)

This past week, I’ve been to a goodly number of vegan restaurants. Let’s start with a review of my quickie meal at Black Moutain Wine House in Brooklyn.

The BMWH Menu.
A bit mediocre, but since they specialize in wines, not actual food, I'll let it slide.

I had their “Bahn Mi” Salad, which was obviously a not-too-stellar attempt at a pretty popular Vietnamese appetizer.

For $10, I got a plate with shredded cucumber, red bell pepper, Thai basil, vermicelli noodles, and a copious splattering of crushed peanuts as the topper.

I must add that I was virtually ravenous when I devoured it, so it may or may not have been as good/bad as I will make it sound in a minute. First off, the noodles were watery.

Obviously someone had failed to strain them properly and then just plopped them into a sieve when they remembered it.

There was an exorbitant amount of lime juice that permeated the whole dish and made it taste much more unpleasantly citrus-y than it needed be.

The vinaigrette as a whole was not to my liking. Not that it was so awful on its own, but that they had just put WAY too much of it.

Easily one of my favorite dishes of all time.



Next up we have The Organic Grill at St. Marks. I ordered the Tofu Scramble, and I must say it was pretty delicious (however my omni-friend did not agree. Oh well!).

The mozzarella they used was a good consistency, stretchy and flavorful, not rubbery and artificial tasting like so many I’ve tried in the past.

The tofu “scramble” was seasoned to perfection and not too salty or overtly spiced, which is great because you are free to add as much S+P as you like (which I did of course!).

It came with a piece of toast cut in half, as well as your choice of broccoli, onions, cauliflower, zucchini, kale, green peppers, black olives, fresh or sundried tomatoes, portobello shitake or white mushrooms, spinach, and carrots, and of course vegan or dairy mozzarella or cheddar.


As a finisher, I visited Stogo, and had a scoop of their chocolate hazelnut and pina colada flavors. Sorry, no pictures, I ate it all! :)

The pina colada is my all-time favorite flavor, due to it’s not-too oppressing sweetness and creaminess.

It also provides a good base when you want a sort of “flavor cushion” against the other flavors, which are indeed more sweet.

They also had a Blueberry flavor which I believe is seasonal, as it is not listed on the site, though it was nothing too special.

I myself personally like to see how much of each flavor is left so I can gauge the popularity, and it usually yields some good results!

You can get a small size for about $4 and that includes two generous scoops. Yum!

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  1. Hey Johana!! It’s been a looong time lol. I am so thrilled to hear you are going veggie!! Welcome to the club! :)

    Yes I have tried them once, and I did like what I ordered there the last time I was there! I was actually debating between whether to go to Curlys or the OG Grill, but since I was catching a Blue Man show and OG was closer, I went with that, and I didn’t regret it! :)

    Thanks so much for the suggestion and readership!! I will be checking out your blog soon! :)

  2. Hey Terry! Yay, a fellow food blogger :) I didn’t know you went vegan, I’m actually experimenting with going vegan and raw foods right now, despite my obsession with all things baked and sugary. You should try Curly’s Vegetarian Lunch, which is actually a vegan diner. The food is pretty good!

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