Where to Eat Out And Treat Out on V-day

Valentine’s day is not exactly my favorite “holiday.” Technically it really shouldn’t even be anything but “spend a lot on flowers, chocolates and cheezy Hallmark cards which will be thrown out next spring” day… I think that would be more realistic. But if you’re the type to invest in this frivolous red and pink day of consumerism, then at least get something good to eat.

Here is a list of vegan/veggie restaurants that currently have “special” Valentines’ menus:

1) Candle 79

If you can afford it, take your vegan hunny bunny to this cozy, slightly snobbish restaurant.

Candle 79 currently has a vday menu at $75 a head… the selections include a spinach-tamale ravioli entree, truffle-crusted tofu medallions and passion fruit creme brûlée. Knowing Candle 79 though, expect a lot of flavors and beautiful dishes… but an empty stomach. The portions are pretty tiny, just like the people who eat here.

2) Candle Cafe

Great for a low-key dinner. Check out their juicebar too!
Great for a low-key dinner. Check out their juicebar too!

Best known as Candle 79’s more affordable, hippie-hipster little sister, CC’s vday menu includes a hearty lobster mushroom bisque, tempeh paella and cookie crumb cheesecake at $60 per person. Not too shabby!

They also have an UWS location as well, with a slightly different menu that includes sofrito seared tempeh, grilled herd portabello mushroom and vanilla flan.

3) V-note 

Like I said in my review, the booth seats at this joint make it all the more cozier for snuggling.
Like I said in my review, the booth seats at this joint make it all the more cozier for snuggling.

Continuing our tour of the UES, V-Note also has a pretty good v-day menu of their own, like petit filet mignon, seitan cordon bleu with parsnip cake and dark chocolate fondue. $65 a head.

4) Café Blossom

Definitely my top pick for V-day, the UWS locale is right next to Central Park too!

Owned by the same folks who created V-Note and Blossom, Café Blossom has a stellar menu at a very generous $59 a person (and have a special place in my heart for the yummy menu they had last Valentine’s). Selections include mushroom phyllo rolls, vegetable lasagna and key lime cheesecake.

The one on Carmine also has a v-day menu, which has cashew cheese crostini, jamaican jerk seitan and chocolate “twix” square up for grabs at $65 per person.

*note: Cafe Blossom expressly has its patrons order from the V-day menu for today, and is only available through reservation, plus are open a bit later.

5) Soy and Sake

Didn't have the best service last time I visited, but I believe in second chances!

The most affordable place on my list is also worthy of a visit (I’ll be going there later today!), with an unadvertised V-day menu that includes a starter, appetizer and entrée. Here is their selection (verified through phone call) –


Choice of soup or salad – Wonton Soup / Tom Yum soup, or House Salad


Choice of Spring Roll or Crab Rangoon


Choice of Peking Duck or Black Pepper Beef

A description of their items can be found on their main menu, which of course you can still order from. At $38 a head, you’ll still have cash to spare for what you really want – a membership on match.com for a new significant other of course!

I kid, I kid.


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