Lola’s New Paltz

lolas new paltz

Hiking sure works up an appetite! After a long day exploring Gertrude’s Nose (and subsequently getting lost in the beginning), we were starved for some good grub. I found Lola’s after a quick search on Happy Cow and was not disappointed.

Lola’s has a separate vegan menu, which is always appreciated. They are an order-at-the-counter establishment but will bring your food out to you.

Sticky rice with blackened tofu ($10.95 + $3 for tofu): 3.5/5

lolas new paltz

A bit dry overall, this was a good healthy-type meal option that would be great for GF folks. I felt the $3 for picking tofu a bit overpriced but it is what it is.

Blackberry tofu panini ($10.95)

lolas new paltz_4633.jpg

Black bean burger ($10.95)

lolas new paltz

Usually I hate black bean burgers, but this one was actually pretty decent. It wasn’t chalky and bulky like most black bean burgers. It also came with avocado, which is usually a premium burger topping!

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