Late Night Snax!!

So it’s midnight, and sure enough, I feel an onslaught of munchies. What a better way to sate those munchies than with some delish Rice Crispies, Vegan-ized?

Here’s what you’ll need:

– About 8 cubes Sweet & Sara vegan marshmallows (so good! :) )

– 2 tbsp Earth Balance buttery spread (stick form is the one I used, worked perfect! I think it’s the same as the tub form though).

– Rice Crispies (ghetto Western Beef “Crispy Rice” was just as delicious and crunchy crisp!).

To make the crispies:

1) Melt the butter at low heat in a small pot.

2) Add the marshmallows , and stir till they start to melt. When they do, make sure the melted part doesn’t start to burn at the bottom. Make sure to keep scraping the melty part off the bottom.

3) After about 5-6 minutes, it should be ready to have the crispies added (don’t worry if the mallows are not totally melted, the crispies will still adhere to them in an even manner).

4) Add the crispies, and cover all the white mallow spots with additional crispies, till you can’t see the white anymore.

5) Transfer to a flat pan, shape as desired, and enjoy! :)

So I would like to take a little time out to thank the lovely ladies at Sweet & Sara, who so nicely gave us (me as well as my sisters and friend) extra mallows with our very reasonably-priced purchase, a tour of the factory (it was very clean!), as well as lovely chit chat and samplings of their new product, Cinnamon Hazelnut and Mocha Almond Biscotti, which would be very lovely with some Silk or tea :). Thanks for making my late night munchie possible, Sara! :D

^ All my S&S booty! :))

A Fresh Start!

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