Hey Apple Pie!

By now everyone should know that I am obsessed with making pies. It’s not such a bad thing, you know!

This pie recipe is, of course from The Joy of Vegan Baking. I did not use as many apples as she called for, only three, and it came out to be perfect, since that way I did not have to use two of the “Flaky Pie Crust” recipes. I used Fuji apples my mom bought from Flushing (sorry Mom!), which make for a not-too-mushy sort of apple filling since they are already quite a bit solid. I hope to try Winesap or Golden Delicious next time, since she lists those as “Excellent” apple choices for filling, whereas Fuji was just “Good”.

It turns out that one slight accidental modification turned out for the better: I got carried away with making the filling while waiting for the crust ingredients to chill in the freezer, and left it in for a little over an hour. Though the butter was incredibly hard to work with by hand at that point, I simply used a handheld mixer and the dough became a bit more pliable after about 5-6 minutes of mixing. Remember, you do NOT want an elastic dough, but a more piece-y, rough-looking texture when it comes to crust.

Well, the extra time in the freezer resulted in an incredibly flaky crust. Quite time consuming, but it was totally worth the extra work!!

I also made sure to add the lemon juice early on so as to stop the apples from oxidizing. Make sure the apples are coated thoroughly with the juice as you prep each apple.

Bon appetit!! :)

ps: I paired my pie with mint-chocolate chip kosher ice cream from Klein’s. Yum!

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