Wanted: New Shoes

It isn’t everyday that I find an affordable, stylish vegan shoe line that doesn’t necessarily promote themselves as vegan (when they do, it usually comes with an equally vegan price tag, aka SUPER overpriced).

I’m not saying that a brand that designates itself as specifically vegan is a bad thing, au contraire, I think it’s great. But I’m a starving graduate student, so sorry, your overpriced wares will never have the privilege of gracing my lovely tootsies.

My most recent fashion find has been the Wanted line of animal-friendly shoes that combine easy street style with comfort and high-quality materials. I particularly love their vast selection of oxfords that have my kind-of-hipster mouth watering (no, I will not admit that I am 100% hipster, never!). Heeled, wingtipped, laceless, colorblock, brights— they have ’em all!! What more could a vintage-lover ask for?

I recently bought the Graham Two-Tone Oxford in both black-brown and creme-silver, which I absolutely adore. You can find their shoes at DSW, Urban Outfitters and plenty of other shoe retailers. This particular style is on sale for $29.99 (only black/brown) on DSW, and $39.99 on urban. I say, if you truly like the look, buy it, because they won’t be around for long!

These oxfords may look tricky to pair with outfits, but with lots of creativity and a little bravery, you can do it!

These oxfords come in a flexible patent/soft pleather material that is quite comfortable for all-day wear. It features a 1 1/2 stacked heel that gives you a subtle bit of height, perfect for shorter gals like me. It does run a little long, but nothing a few socks or sole add-ins won’t fix. For a precise fit, I do recommend ordering down a half size.

I absolutely adore the little details along the front of the shoe.

The sole is also pliable and seems well-made and shock absorbent.

The back has a nice silver finish that ties into the silver-creme palette of the shoe.

I don’t particularly like the Black/Brown pair and plan to return them. The shoe is a bit high maintenance, as lint easily sticks to the material, which isn’t fashionable at all.

You can see that lint is sticking to the black part of the shoe and is highly visible.
Unlike the Silver&Creme version, this is a different, fabric-y suede material, which is why it attracts dust and dirt.

I can assure you, my house is not that dirty! If you really like the look of this color, though, a bit of scotch-guard should clear this problem right up.





But what to pair them with? It can be a bit of a task to come up with the right outfit for pairing with oxfords. Here are some ideas:


1) Pair with a slim black rolled trouser and simple button-down.

2) Throw on a bright frock and some cute neutral ankle-length socks. Or tights!

3) Skinnies and a girly, flowy top make for a great on-trend contrast.

4) For a full-on trend menswear look, pair with a blazer, button-down and dark jeans. Top with a belted trench and you’re ready to go!

5) Roll-up cutoff shorts and your favorite solid tee create an easy-chic solution on lazy days.

6) A flowy cotton skirt and a ribbed tank top are great for a breezy style.

Happy Oxfording!!

Oxfords Galore!

Images via Fashion Bomb Daily, My Fashion Beauty Tips, Kick Chicks, My Style Pill, Angelurmasekur, The Looks For Less, College Fashion.

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