Fresh Meadows Natural – Overpriced, But Still Quite Nice

As every living (and also undead) person in the world knows, convenience costs a pretty penny. Want a moderately priced bag of goji berries? Don’t go to Whole Foods, where it’ll cost you $6.99 to the $2.99/$1.99 at the Chinese grocer.

Some things are worth the extra trip, especially if you don’t NEED them in, say, the next 24 hours.

Fresh Meadows Natural Supermarket
Can’t beat 24 hours!

But there are those times when you simply have to have some adequate food in your pantry, if you’ve managed to procrastinate your week away and you’re hosting a luncheon (why don’t people say that word more? It’s so proper!) the next day. That’s where my neighborhood health food store, Fresh Meadows Natural, comes in.

Fresh Meadows Natural Supermarket
Impeccably clean and organized!

Since the store opened roughly two years ago, replacing the old neighborhood Blockbuster (R.I.P!), I’ve visited it a handful of times, mostly when I (a) had a wicked craving for a bar of Dark Orange Chocolove or vegan spicy egg salad, or (b) really needed a jar of Veganaise.

Fresh Meadows Natural Supermarket
Fresh flowers year round!

I’d definitely visit more, if I could afford it… I love how clean and tidy the store is, as well as the wide selection of goods you won’t find at “normal” supermarkets. It has a earthy, woodsy ambiance which can be instantly felt the moment you walk in.

Fresh Meadows Natural Supermarket
Shot of the produce section. Notice the cute trellis on the ceiling!
Fresh Meadows Natural Supermarket
Super clean aisles are full of brightly-colored product packages.
Fresh Meadows Natural Supermarket
Emily checks out the beer section… uh oh.
Fresh Meadows Natural Supermarket
A good– if not a bit overpriced– selection of vegan ice cream. Be careful, some of them have been there for a while & have freezer burn (like some Tofutti Marry Me bars I once bought).
Fresh Meadows Natural Supermarket
Moar ice creamz!
Fresh Meadows Natural Supermarket
Tofurky galore: great if you really need it, but watch the $$$ prices!

Here, I’ll weigh the pros and cons of shopping at FMN.


  • Convenient, can’t-be-beat 24/7 store hours, EVEN ON HOLIDAYS!
  • Wide selection of goods, even some from other countries
  • Everything is fresh, and goods seem to be rotated at the appropriate pace given expiry dates
  • Fresh flowers and some potted plants for sale year round
  • Store itself is meticulously clean, organized and free of any traces of dust/dirt
  • Accepts coupons* see below


  • Staff is not overly friendly… it’s a very cut and dry type of service
  • Everything seems to be marked up by at least $1.00 – $2.00, which is pretty damn ridiculous
  • Coupons are accepted, but must be approved by the manager first, which is annoying.
  • Writing in the request for new products book does nothing… I’ve requested plenty of things, but no dice! So don’t bother.
$6.29 beans for EB spread when it's usually $4.99 is just ridick!
$6.29 beans for EB spread when it’s usually $4.99 is just ridick!
Fresh Meadows Natural Supermarket
Another price gouger… $1 more than usual.

Overall, the highest complaint I have for FMN is the pricing, which keeps me away 98% of the time… if your stuff is more $$$ than Whole Foods, then you’re just plain delusional to think you can keep operating at those costs. Then again, Fresh Meadows certainly isn’t thirsty for funds, so maybe they’re being smart.

Fresh Meadows Natural Supermarket
This Tofurky sausage is a good choice vs. the slices, which are the same price, but less volume.

Also, no dogs allowed! Sorry Kerbie >.<

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