Welcome to Vegan Chao!

Once again, we are at the end of another year, so I thought it appropriate to get a fresh head start by birthing my new child… a website dedicated to all things vegan.

Being vegan doesn’t necessarily mean you belong to some exclusive “club.” My goal is to show that everyone can participate in veg-friendly activities, without having to assign a label each and every time. For example, you need not say you “went vegan” today… the mere fact that you made a conscious decision (or sometimes unconscious? : P) to do something different from regular routine already says volumes.

Many times I forget I am even vegan. I don’t consider myself any different from those with traditional diets, I just eat certain things and choose to live a certain way, not unlike some people’s dedication to never missing an episode of Jersey Shore (admit it– you secretly watch it in your sweats and silently fist-pump! I know!), or adamantly insisting eating an organic apple won’t make you live longer (this statement has not been tested by the FDA).

Even if you are an omnivore (which you most likely are : ) ), I invite you to engage and tune in for the sole purpose of seeing another side of life. I’ve never really fancied the approach of spewing peta-like propaganda or zealously pushing everyone to become vegan (thankfully that phase is over!), so you won’t find any sort of “VEGAN OR DIE”/”STOP EATING ANIMALS”-like postings on here. I promise!

This year, I’ve added a beauty, fashion and recipe section to my website. I strive on providing colorful, original, fresh content for anyone willing to lend a pair of eyes, just for a little bit of your day. :)

So with that, browse away!


(thanks to Ray to helping me whip my new layout into shape! You can see more of Ray’s work on his recently relaunched gadget blog.)

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