Gardein Chicken & Broccoli – Dinner is Served!

Recently, I picked up a yummy bag of Gardein Chicken from Target and decided to make some vegan-style chicken and broccoli. I’ve always liked Gardein products, and wanted to add in some healthy veggies to my meal, and found out it was the perfect choice!

I’d love it if everyone else tries out my video tutorial below (full disclaimer: yes, I realize the stove is filthy– maybe my next a tutorial will be how to clean your stovetop properly so you don’t get ridiculed on YouTube :P), or if you have a variation on this classic dish, with say, seitan or another vegan protein sub, please let me know how their’s came out!

Hopefully everyone will use my nifty broccoli-tugging technique too, I do hate broccoli wastage.


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