REVIEW: Sun Warrior Plant Protein Powder

I’ve never been a fan of powder drinks, save for shaking up some NesQuik with my favorite soy milk for that familiar chocolate-milk fix. So, when the folks at Sun Warrior reached out to me to try the latest trend in protein powders that were 100% vegan and green-ified, I was a bit skeptical.

Admittedly, when I first started my never-ending vegan journey, I was a powdered-potion adherent. I’d routinely down this absolutely abhorrent green spirulina drink I thought would protect me from the vegan “malnutrition” risks everyone told me I’d have. It was a consumption purely driven by fear, and guess what? I’m totally healthy after stopping the fear and the drinking of green goo.

I’m giving this spiel, basically, to let my readers know that a varied vegan diet provides plenty of protein, and the existence of these powders are more suited for those who want muscle definition, not to cover a perceived “protein deficiency” of any kind.

Having said that, enjoy my video review of Sun Warrior Plant-based Protein Powder!

Pure Genius Contest!

There is little else I enjoy more than sharing a delicious treat with my readers — and the amazing Pure Genius team has made that possible by letting me host a contest! All this after me and Juan ate every single sample of theirs at the 2016 Veggie Food Festa. This must be my karmic reparation […]

Bao Shoppe – A Salty Asian Soul Food Serenade

bao shoppe nyc review vegan_9600

Since I’m (kind of) Asian, I’m just predisposed to seeking out semi-Asian sources of food. One such source became my visit to Bao Shoppe, a casual cafe-like spot that felt vaguely like upscale truck food. Ambiance –  Bao Shoppe has a street/urban-like vibe, what with its graffiti featuring the N train and industrial tubing across […]

The 2016 Vegetarian Food Festival

vegetarian food festival 2016 collage

As a dedicated attendee of the annual NYC Vegetarian Food Festival, I feel it’s my duty to let my readers know how it compares to those in the years prior. After all, veggie innovation can only move forward and not backward, right? This year, I found it to be even more crowded + packed with […]

VIDEO : Banana Bread Recipe + Contest

vegan chao banana bread recipe

Eons ago, back in 2012, when I was a baby vegan of two years old, I decided to do a banana bread recipe walkthrough. Now, 4 years later, I’ve created something that makes it even easier to make ‘nana bread: a YouTube video walkthrough with the greatest filmmaker of all time, my partner in crime: Juan […]

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